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    Weland is

    Weland is a company providing real estate development consulting services in Vietnam. We have offices in Hanoi to provide consulting services and implement professional real estate projects to partners.

    We incorporate a strong sense of responsibility, a deep understanding of each real estate sector and the highest interest in customer needs.

    Weland was founded in 2017 by a strong team of leaders in expertise and dedication, a lot of practical experience in real estate, finance and banking.

    We provide total solutions from land development, investment advice, product development consultancy, marketing and distribution of professional, large-scale, and diverse real estate products from apartment, residential, villas, commercial shophouses to resort products and complex products.

    Weland has a network of diverse products distribution with hundreds of agents across the country, able to connect buyers and sellers effectively, quickly, regardless of geographical distance.

    From 2018, Weland also participates in managing the distribution network of foreign real estate products in Vietnam through prestigious partners and exclusive projects.

    Our vision


    The profession comes from the experiences that the members have experienced through the understanding of over 30 real estate projects in the market and many years of experience at major financial institutions in Vietnam.


    Effect is the measurement of all cooperation. We desire to bring partners effective brand, financially, systematically and together create a professional real estate market in Vietnam.


    We are innovative in Weland jobs, especially in product development, marketing strategies and financial policies for customers.


    Dedication comes from our team members. Weland is the destination of highly enthusiastic, professional and responsible employees with efficiency, respect for colleagues and partners.


    Success can only be achieved if there is a balance between interests and partners, there is harmony among colleagues, work and family. Harmony is the factor that brings long-term cohesion and solid success in all cooperation.