Weland Key products

In its diversification strategy of product and services, WeLand's prominent strengths of project development consultancy, brand strategy consultancy - management of Marketing implementation and sales management are explicitly identified. These are three key products and services optimized and advanced to provide each customer with highly useful and suitable values.

Project development consultancy

With insights and experience of the market, WeLand’s team of elite experts always accompanies partners right from the generation of project investment ideas. We constantly update and provide a database of all real estate segments in line with the actual market movements. Thereby, proposals for the most suitable types of development, scales and investment plans shall be put forward.

Besides its consultancy of a project’s financial model construction and conduct of feasibility studies (including construction plans, total investment, capital structure, financial efficiency/risks, etc.), WeLand also accompanies the Investor in the reception and due diligence of legal documents for product planning, project design and construction, and the most optimal distribution strategy regarding efficiency.

WeLand always listens and serves as a reliable fulcrum for the Investor’s sharings of all problems, difficulties as well as expectations to mutually create success for real estate projects of regional scale in the new era of technology and global connectivity.

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Brand strategy consultancy and management of marketing implementation

It is impossible for a successful real estate project to lack a distinctive and exclusive branding strategy, which is used as a guideline for the standard implementation of Marketing activities from the beginning.

From its initial branding strategy establishing from the roots to marketing implementation for an exact approach to target customers, WeLand team follows a consolidated and consistent process:

  • Conduct surveys and research: Take a field trip to the project site, work with the sales personnel to conduct a complete survey.
  • Branding: Brand positioning, project name, brand personality and brand identity.
  • Develop a marketing plan: Determine customer portraits, psychological needs and project highlights to develop a proper marketing plan for implementation.
  • Produce Marketing documents and perform direct coordination of the campaign implementation as set forth in the approved plan.
  • Work with the Investors and agents for the implementation of marketing activities: Ensure that waves are jointly made, kept with the fastest market responses listened to for an effective response plan.

Thus, the brand – Marketing and sales strategies are inseparable. In other words, the Marketing and the sales teams shall always go abreast. At WeLand, practical brand strategies and highly feasible Marketing plans are offered with a view to the ultimate goal of best business performance.

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Sales management and implementation

As a strategic general agency of reputable Investors on the market, WeLand holds and manages large-scale sales activities with distributors throughout Vietnam.

During the sales implementation, a consistent criterion established by WeLand is to select distributors with extensive experience and proper strengths for each type of product to be its partner. Thus, a distribution system can be executed and managed by Weland in any market segments or product lines in a methodical, organized and disciplined manner for its best sales results.

The distinct values offered to the Investors and partners by WeLand are the fierce dedication to pursue its goals and the responsibility to the Investors for the entire process of planning and managing business efficiency and effectiveness. Thus, WeLand is the choice of security on the accompanied path to the prestige peak.

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Weland Field of operation

WeLand's operations are carried out using a professional apparatus with comprehensive product and service packages methodically designed to offer real estate enterprises consultancies and support for the maximization of their managerial efficiency and advancement of their competitive position in a dynamic business environment.


WelandConsultancy on project development

  • Consult on the implementation of the projects’ legal procedures for sales
  • Consult on and develop real estate products
  • Manage the Projects’ construction design
  • Conduct market survey and consult on suitable policies as well as the selling prices

WelandBranding & Marketing

  • Consult on, create a brand identity and implement brand positioning for the Investor and its projects
  • Design marketing strategies, plans and budgets
  • Manage – Implement marketing campaigns as outlined in the strategies and plans

WelandSale management and implementation

  • Consult on and develop sales strategies
  • Organize and manage large-scale distribution activities with major distributors in the market

WelandM&A Investment advisory

  • Search for and evaluate real estate investment opportunities
  • Search for and evaluate land banks for the development of real estate projects
  • Consult on the structure of and real estate project trading and transfer
  • Jointly manage and execute the work, supervise the schedule and efficiency of the projects’ M&A process with the Employer
  • Consult on, arrange and allocate capital sources to meet the needs of the projects and the Employers

WelandReal estate exchange services

  • Execute the Contracting process
  • Perform after-sales service

WelandManagement consulting, business restructuring

  • Consult on enterprise development strategy
  • Consult on the structuring and restructuring of the apparatus
  • Consult on the business model
  • Consult on the implementation of financial restructuring
  • Consult on the building of a land bank
  • Consult on the conduct of IPO and listing

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